If you’re trying to decide whether or not you want to become a truck driver, there are a lot of pros and cons to consider. That being said, the benefits of becoming a truck driver vastly outweigh the drawbacks. Check out the ten ways you’ll benefit from becoming a truck driver, how Flexible Freight helps you earn your license with Class A CDL training, and what you’ll be able to drive with a Class A commercial driver’s license.

10 Reasons To Become A Truck Driver

You may have your own reasons for becoming a truck driver, but if you’re looking for more universal benefits for earning a commercial truck driver’s license, check out these ten reasons. When you’re ready to get started, contact Flexible Freight to register for our Class A CDL training.

Job Security

According to a recent article from NPR, the truck driving industry is experiencing a mass shortage of drivers. More than 70 percent of goods consumed in the US are transported by semi truck, and the industry needs to hire 900,000 more drivers in order to keep up with the demand.

If you’re looking into a second career, becoming a truck driver offers a level of job security that other careers don’t offer. Stop worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to find a job and become a truck driver with the help of Flexible Freight.

Good Profits

Your income as a truck driver will vary because of multiple factors. Where you’re trained, the route you drive, and the type of load you carry all affect what you make. Companies are looking for drivers who are certified by accredited schools. They want skilled drivers that they can trust and will pay more for them. The longer your route, the more you’ll be paid as well. You could be driving up to 600 miles for a single delivery for some companies. Finally, if you’re hauling oversized loads or driving HAZMAT vehicles, you’ll be paid more because driving these types of vehicles requires more skill.

The American Trucking Associations reported that truck drivers that work for a private fleet, like Walmart, could make an average of $73,000 per year, while the Labor Department reported that, for all truck drivers, the median salary is $40,000 per year. If you’re interested in becoming a truck driver, Flexible Freight offers Class A CDL training so you can make a steady, reliable income.

You Love Trucks

This is one of those more personal benefits, but if you love big trucks, you’ll probably love becoming a truck driver. As a commercial truck driver, you could have the opportunity to drive big rigs, tractor-trailers, HAZMAT vehicles, and more. When you go through Class A CDL training at Flexible Freight, you’ll have the opportunity to earn endorsements to drive all types of larger vehicles.

Flexible Career Path

Why do you think we’re called Flexible Freight? With a commercial driver’s license and experience driving, you’ll have the ability to choose what type of truck driving job you want. You could be a professional mover, helping people back and load their belongings and transport them to wherever their new home is. You could be a delivery driver for mail couriers or furniture companies. You could drive a flatbed and haul oversized loads and equipment. You could also move livestock and grain for farms.

There are countless options for employment when you become a truck driver. With the proper training and certification, there are very few limits to the types of vehicle and load types you’ll have access to.

Medical Benefits And Retirement

Many companies that hire truck drivers offer their drivers different types of benefits and retirement plans. Most trucking companies offer benefits like medical, dental, vision, life insurance, disability plans, and a 401(k). On top of that, some companies offer paid vacations and holidays.

When you become a truck driver, you’re not just taking care of yourself financially, but you could be helping take care of your family with medical benefits and more. Contact Flexible Freight today if you’re ready to enroll in Class A CDL training.

Independence And Freedom

Driving by yourself for hours at a time may seem lonely to some, but for others it creates an entirely new sense of freedom. When you’re on the road, you get to take breaks when you feel like taking breaks; listen to the music you love, your favorite book on audio, or binge-listen to podcasts; and you get to wear whatever clothes you like and make you feel comfortable while you’re on the road. If you enjoy this type of freedom on a daily basis with your work schedule, then becoming a truck driver is for you.

Varying Schedule

You may work five days a week, but what you’re doing on the clock as a truck driver can always change. The type of load you’re hauling could be different from one trip to the next, your route can change, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people in different cities at each stop. Those with a sense of adventure will love becoming a truck driver because of the opportunity to haul different loads, drive to different cities, and meet new people.

Low Impact

Though it’s important to stand and move around after sitting for a few hours of driving, becoming a truck driver has significantly less impact on the body than other careers. Those who are trying to get out of a career that takes a toll on the body or those who have an injury that doesn’t allow them to do any heavy lifting or intense movements could benefit from becoming a truck driver.

You Love Driving

This is another more personal reason and, if you love to drive, could make becoming a truck the perfect career path for you. Working as a truck driver requires many hours on the road, driving hundreds of miles at a limited speed. Some people find this relaxing and enjoy having the open road in front of them and under their tires. If this is you, becoming a truck driver is a great way to fulfill this passion. Contact Flexible Freight about enrolling in a Class A CDL training program.

Experienced Training And Job Placement

At Flexible Freight, our team has over 80 years of combined experience as commercial truck drivers. Not only does this make us knowledgeable about the industry and starting a business, but it also means we’re connected to different companies looking for skilled truck drivers.

We are members of the Intermodal Association of Chicago and the Illinois Trucking Association, so when you go through Class A CDL training with us, you’ll receive thorough instruction and hands-on experience. Not only that, but we can also help with job placement to get you a job you’ll love or help you start your own business as a truck driver.

Class A CDL Training With Flexible Freight

At Flexible Freight, we offer Class A commercial driver’s license training that will give you the driving skills you need to get a job as a commercial truck driver. You could find higher-paying truck driving jobs because of the skills you learn at our accredited commercial driving school.

Not only will it be easier to find a job, but we also offer job placement if you’re interested in a company that we have connections with. If you’re interested in starting your own trucking business, we offer resources for that as well. Get business advice and start your own fleet with the help of Flexible Freight.

What Is A Class A Commercial Driver’s License?

Commercial driver’s licenses are split into three different classes. At Flexible Freight, you will go through Class A CDL training. As a holder of a Class A CDL license, you will be able to drive a combination of vehicles. The basic requirements are that the vehicle must weigh 26,001 pounds or more, with towed vehicles being 10,000 pounds or heavier.

With the proper endorsement with your Class A CDL, you could drive vehicles like:

  • Tractor-trailers
  • Truck and trailer combos
  • Tractor-trailer buses
  • Tankers
  • Livestock carriers
  • Flatbeds

You could also receive endorsement to drive vehicles under a Class B or Class C CDL. These types of vehicles include:

  • Straight trucks
  • Large buses
  • Segmented buses
  • Box trucks
  • Dump trucks with small trailers
  • Small HAZMAT vehicles
  • Passenger vans

As a truck driver, you’ll have job security, a steady income, a flexible schedule and career path, job benefits, and so much more! If you’re interested in becoming a truck driver, contact Flexible Freight for more information and enroll in Class A CDL training today.

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